Universities In Canada For International Students

There are lots of Universities in Canada For International Students that are offering various scholarships. These scholarships sometimes vary depending on your choice of course and they are available for every level whether its for undergraduate or for postgraduate levels. The most important criteria for you to obtain this scholarship is to ensure that you have good grades.

Every year, there are lots of scholarship programs for international students willing to come to Canada and study. In this article, we are going to see the different scholarship programs and the different schools offering them. It is important to keep an open mind and to note that when it comes to education, there is always some forms of criteria.

A lot of international students including those from Africa and Asia have benefited greatly from these scholarship programs, most have also gotten the opportunity to also work in Canada after graduation. Today we will be looking at the best 10 Universities in Canada For International Students that offer scholarship programs in 2020.

Universities In Canada For International Students That Offer Scholarship Programs

McGill university

At the top of our list, we have the McGill University. A university that has the interest of the international students at heart while offering their scholarship program. McGill University offers students financial support. They offer various loans to international students especially students from Africa. In addition to this, they also offer tuition payment deferral, emergency loans and also work-study programs for a student that would like to work and study at the same time.

University of Toronto

Another great universities in Canada For International Students that offers scholarship programs, the downside with this university is that you have to be eligible before you can apply for their scholarship programs. They offer scholarships to over 4000 international students yearly. Their major exams are in the English language which means before you can apply you have to be proficient In the English language. Their scholarship programs are available for an international student, undergraduate, and high school students.

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Humber college

The Humber college offers various scholarship programs at various levels which makes it one of the great universities in Canada For International Students. Some of the levels include diploma, advance diploma, and graduate certification programs. One of the major criteria to partake in their scholarship program is having a good CGPA. Their various scholarship categories include; bachelorship’s degree scholarship for EAP graduates, international entrance scholarships, and awards for EAP graduates.

  University of British Columbia

This is another great university to source for scholarship program especially for students from Africa. They appreciate efforts from African and other international students as well. Every year, they reserve the sum of $30 million for international students applying for scholarship programs in their institution. Their major scholarship program is the international major entrance scholarship, this is a program that is been offered to mostly African students.

Trent university

The scholarship program for this university is highly competitive as they offer scholarship programs to a limited number of students. Some of there scholarship programs include entrance scholarship, international program tuition levy scholarship, Mathews international scholar scholarship, Justin Chiu international scholarship, IB entrance scholarship, and lots more. All of which have their different criteria for applying to each scholarship.

Lakehead university

The Lakehead university offers the sum of $11 million to international students in the form of scholarships. There are other great scholarship programs that Lakehead university offers and for you to actually benefit from them you have to be a dedicated student. Amongst all scholarship programs, they also offer entrance scholarships to high school graduates and the entrance athletic scholarship for varsity athletes. They also offer two scholarships under presidential scholar which provides the student with $30,000 for 4 years.

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Wilfrid Laurier University.

This is one of the Universities in Canada For International Students that offers entrance scholarship for fresh high school graduate. These scholarships are just for fresher to further their studies as undergraduate. There is no application for this scholarship therefore, your high school performance determines if you will get the scholarship or not.

Ryerson university

Ryerson University offers various scholarship programs like the entrance scholarship, presidents entrance scholarships valued at $40,000 for 4 years, international secondary school merit scholarship and then faculty-wide entrance scholarship. One awesome thing about this school is that once you meet up with their criteria, they will defiantly award you the scholarship.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta offers a unique kind of scholarship that offers international students millions of dollars. They also have the best tuition fee that is very affordable compared to any other institution in Canada. They offer different scholarship which includes general undergraduate scholarship, sponsored students’ scholarships, athletic scholarship, country-specific scholarship, etc.

These are the list of the cheapest and most affordable colleges in Canada that you can apply for.

 University of the Fraser Valley

This Universities in Canada For International Students offer different kinds of scholarship programs which include entrance scholarship for full time, dr. Francis pang endowment entrance scholarship with the sum of $1050 to computer student, excellence entrance scholarship with a tuition fee award of $3,000, Gladys and Harvey Kipp entrance endowment scholarship with the sum $4,000 annually, George A. Ferguson memorial annual entrance scholarship with the sum of $5,000 for students and lots more.


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Warp Up

There are lots of criteria involved before you can apply for the various scholarship programs listed about, so ensure to make an inquiry about each institution before applying for their scholarship program. It’s also important you know how you can get Canada student visa as this will go along way to ensure fast travel when you finally secure a scholarship in any of the Universities in Canada For International Students.