There are a wide variety of nursing jobs in Canada, and as a nurse with a bachelor’s degree, it’s easier for you to land a job.

As a nurse, there is a greater chance of you traveling the world to practice your profession because of the high demand for this profession.

The demand for nurses over the years has increased drastically in Canada and the Canadian government is seeking to employ more foreign nurses as the day goes by. Which is why I think this is a great opportunity for you to grab high paying nursing jobs in Canada.

The process of becoming a nurse in Canada

There is one major difficulty you might face while trying to get nursing jobs in Canada and it is obtaining your nursing license.

This nursing license aviates the opportunity to practice nursing in Canada without any restrictions. The first step to getting your license is to register with NNAS and the NNAS is the national nursing assessment service for Canada and the US.

If you wish, you can carry out this process prior to your arriving in Canada, you will be required to fill out an online form providing your demographics, education, professional experience for at least five years and stating out every nursing body you’ve ever worked with or currently working with.

As an educated nurse aboard who is seeking for nursing jobs in Canada, its really important to apply to the national nursing assessment services (NNAS) especially if you’re looking to work in the following roles;

There is a big downside…

Registration is not cheap as a fee of $765USD is required to successfully register with NNAS, some of the other processes involved in registering with NNAS includes

  • Sending notary signed copies of your identification (passport, birth certificate, etc.)
  • NNAS will provide a form that is to be completed by relevant people from your college, previous employment and nursing bodies you are registered with.

The NNAS website provides video tutorials on how to complete these forms and they also have an online handbook you can also learn more from.

While Waiting For Your Canadian Nursing License, Here’s What You Should Do

While you are waiting for your nursing license, it’s really important you start networking within the health care setting from the moment you arrive. Its also important to update your resume on LinkedIn, connect with doctors and nurses of different specialties and backgrounds as this will go a long way to navigate your career path once you’ve got your license.

Why choose nursing jobs in Canada?

Just like every other global health service, Canada is experiencing the challenges of lack of public services, shortages of staffs and increased wait times for production when it comes to health service. So as a registered nurse (RN) in a public service hospital, you’ll have higher acuity of patients as hospitals tends to hire more registered practice nurses as cost-effective staffing measures.

Another reason why you should choose nursing jobs in Canada is that the country offers a competitive salary for just working 30-40 hours weekly. New graduates’ acute care salary is around $59,000CAD with annual pay increment for those working in Ontario. The salary usually varies depending on your province so I will advise you take your time to research different cities and provinces before making your final decision.

Finally, you are entitled to health care which is effective after 3 months of living in Canada, you might also get additional health care benefit if you choose to work in the private sector, it all depends on you.

Different nursing jobs in Canada, their functions and salary;

Intensive care nurse:

This is one of the high demand for nursing jobs in Canada, they play a vital role in the intense care unit. These nurses offer intensive care to patients with extreme health conditions and they are also in charge of taking care of patients who have just been surgically operated, fatal accident organ failure, etc.

Their salary ranges from $75,000- $06,000

Accident & Emergency Nurse:

These nurses offer intense care at the early stage of sickness and in emergencies like accidents, as such, they are bound to have at least seven years of direct experience in numerous accidents o that they can function well.  The earn an attractive amount of salary.

Registered psychiatric nurse:

These nurses care for patients who are mentally ill. Because of the nature of their illness, these nurses receive intense training so as to handle these patients effectively helping them to make a fast recovery.

Their salary is approximately $72,000 per year.

Warp up

As the day goes by, the demand for nursing jobs in Canada increases, this is as a result of the role they play towards the health sector. So if you’re a nurse looking to work aboard, then Canada is a great place to start for the various reason I’ve stated above.