Since 2016, immigration to Canada from India has been on the increase. According to statics, the rate of Indians admitted as permanent residents of Canada has increased to over 105%.

There has always been a fascinating story about India to Canada migration, starting a few years back with few migrants landing on the shores in Vancouver and British Columbia. Today the Indo-Canadians are one of the largest and well-advanced immigrant communities.

Indians immigrate to Canada at a faster rate than any other place in the world.

Canada as a nation has benefited and is still benefiting from the diversion of young Indian tech workers from the U.S. Canada understand the value of these young Indians which is why they have streamlined their work permits for tech workers to help provide them with an easy path to reside permanently in Canada.

The increase of immigration to Canada from India isn’t only exclusive for tech workers. According to research, there has been a 127% increase in Indian international students in Canada. Canada makes it really easy for you to transition from an international student to a permanent resident, again making it easier for more immigrants from India to come to Canada.

Why Canada is the best place to migrate as an Indian.

Immigration to Canada from India is a good opportunity for Indian families to enjoy a better life, employment and job opportunities, government benefits and individual growth. There are lots of reason why Indian families immigrate to Canada, these reasons include;

  • Getting a better education
  • Getting good and high paying jobs
  • Looking to expand their businesses
  • Tourism.

While many of these Indians enjoy the huge benefits provided by the Canadian government, the governments also benefiting from them.

These Indo-Canadians are helping the government combat lack of skill for jobs, they are also contributing to the economy by paying government taxes, buying houses, using public transport, purchasing goods, etc. This is what makes Canada is the best place to migrate as an Indian.

The cities of Toronto and Vancouver have been dominated by new immigrants from India in the past. Today, a lot of provinces will advise you to pick out other cities to settle in. Toronto and Vancouver have been at the heart of Indians who wishes to immigrate to Canada due to its business opportunity for skilled professionals from India. There is a neighborhood in Canada called little India because of its mass domination by Indians.

Jobs in Canada for Indians

One of the greatest fears of immigration to Canada from India is the fear of securing a good job. But the truth is there are several ways in which you can secure a job in Canada.

  • You can either get transferred by your company in India to Canada based on a project you’re working on
  • You can as well apply for permanent residency and work permit while in Canada
  • You can also apply for online jobs at monster, Workopolis, indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

There are lots of jobs in Canada for Indian immigrants that will help you immigrate to Canada once you apply for them.

You can always apply and migrate for a truck driver job, caregiver job, teaching job, chef job, dentist, etc. there are also a great number of high paying jobs in Canada for Indians which you can always apply for any time.

It’s really important to note that most jobs in Canada worry more about your experience and accomplishments rather than education so you shouldn’t worry so much about your educational background.

Immigration To Canada From India How To Apply

As a citizen of India who wishes to migrate to Canada, there are lots of immigration programs out there and you can try out any. But there are lots of challenges that come with immigration to Canada from India coupled with the fact that it could take you a long time.

This is why it’s really important for you to hire a qualified canadine immigration firm in Toronto that will connect you to someone who speaks one of the languages in Indian who can help you as an Indian applicant better understand the necessary requirements so you can provide the right documentation.

If you’re someone who’s applying for the first time, you need to hire someone that can help you prepare your application properly. And if in some way you have applied before and got denied, then you also need to hire someone who’s very knowledgeable about immigration law, provide them with the proper documentation so that they can file an appeal on your behalf.