There is one thing that hinders many Canadian immigration aspirants and it is the big question “can I immigrate to Canada without job offer?”. Well to answer that question YES you don’t necessarily need a job offer to immigrate to Canada.

Having a job offer gives you an edge and potentially helps you to qualify, although there are a number of categories where you can qualify without a job offer and the federal skilled worker category happens to be one of them.

A lot of individuals hesitate to apply for Canadian permeant residency because they fail to obtain a job offer requirement. However, the Canadian government has put in place two popular programs that immigrants can easily immigrate to Canada with job offer and, in this article, we are going to look at them, stay tuned

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Popular programs to immigrate to Canada without job offer.

Express Entry

The express entry is one way you can immigrate to Canada without job offer. It’s a popular immigration system used by Canada to manage online profiles for PR (Permanent residence) from three different economic classes which are;

  • Canadian experience class
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal trades worker program

As a skilled foreign national, you can apply for immigration through the Canadian experience class and the Federal skilled worker program and immigrate to Canada without job offer but you need to have at least one year of continuous working experience in professional, trade/technical or managerial occupations.

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Provincial nomination programs

Another way one can immigrate to Canada without job offer is through the Provincial nomination programs. In this program, the territories and provinces in Canada nominate individuals that wish to immigrate to Canada and also those who wish to settle down in a particular province in Canada. There are lots of subcategories of the provincial nominee programs which allow foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada without job offer.

Why its better to get a job before immigrating to Canada

As a skilled worker, it is easy for you to immigrate to Canada without job offer but it will be in your best interest to ensure that you have a job before immigrating to Canada and here Is the reasons why;

Knowing the location to settle

As we all know it’s a really big country here in Canada and if by chance you immigrate through a non-provincial program, then you are free to live in any of the 11 provinces. But it will interest you to know that having a job will help narrows down your choices of where to settle. You can easily make a decision o where to rent an apartment as this has to be close to your place of work or close to a public transport system. Having a job first before immigrating helps weed out unnecessary stress and give you more time to focus on the most important things.

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Shortage of funds

As a foreign national immigrating to Canada, it is expected of you by the Canadian government to have a start-up fund upon arrival. This is to enable you to cover the initial cost that comes with migrating to a new country. and I hate to break it to you that those funds won’t last forever. And the fact that you are immigrating without a job offer, there is no telling how quickly you can secure a job. It might be weeks or even months.

Improves your chances of immigrating

As we all know, Canadian immigration work on the points-based system, and there are various factors that contribute to this point system. Factors like work experience, language proficiency, and educational qualification. The higher your point in all these eligibility requirements, the better your chance of receiving an invitation letter for PR (permanent residence). Having a job offer can boost your point and your chance of immigrating successfully.


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