There are lots of top-notched countries receiving foreigners and Canada happens to on the top of that list. There are lots of values these international foreigners bring to the economy of Canada which is why they have a high of immigrants coming into Canada.

Getting a Canadian visa is quite easy as long as you satisfy their requirements. According to the most recent statistics, it’s been recorded that over six million visitor travel documents are been processed on a yearly basis. In this article, we will be looking at the 5 easiest ways that you obtain a Canadian visa.

5 ways to obtain a Canadian visa and immigrate to Canada.

There are various ways that you can obtain a Canadian visa and immigrate to Canada, today we are going to be looking that the 5 major ways. Applying through any of these methods will get you to Canada but again t all depends on your reason for immigrating to Canada. The 5 major ways include;

LMIA work visa:

The LMIA work visa is a great way to immigrate to Canada. The LMIA (labor market impact assessment) is necessary in most cases for visitors who want to acquire a Canadian visa. It requires the employer to apply for LMIA and then send the approval to the employee however, it all depends on the job offer.

There are lots of high paying jobs in Canada that would require you to have an LMIA these jobs include nursing jobs, caregiver jobs, etc. once you’ve acquired your LMIA you can easily apply for the LMIA work visa and immigrate to Canada.

Express entry programs:

The express entry program is another great way to obtain a Canadian visa. The Canadian government uses this express entry program to control permanent residence applications for filling labor gaps through certain economic immigration programs.

 If you are a qualified skilled worker, then the best efficient selection that can offer you a permanent residence in Canada is the express entry program. The express program applies to the following economic class programs;

  • Canada experienced class
  • Federal skilled trade program
  • A federal skilled worker program

Provincial nominee program:

Individuals and skilled works who are interested in settling in a particular province but do not have enough points to apply for the express entry program usually apply through the provincial nominee program (PNP). This is because it’s an easy and fast track process for getting a Canadian visa.

Canadian provinces and territories such as Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, nova scotia and others are able to nominate individuals that wish to move to Canada and offer then Canadian visa.

Federal self-employed immigration program.

If you are a high net-worth individual who is looking to obtain a Canadian visa, this is the best option for you. As a self-employed individual with relevant experience in basic cultural activities, it’s really easy for you to immigrate to Canada using the Federal self-employed immigration program.

Family class sponsorship:

If you are looking for an easy way to obtain a Canadian visa and immigrate to Canada, then the family class sponsorship program is another great way to do that. Through this program, individuals living in Canada or Canadian permanent resident citizens whose loved ones are outside of Canada and wish to immigrate into Canada can easily do so.

The Canadian government ensures that it is possible under the family class sponsorship program because they believe in keeping families together and united.

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Besides these ways listed above, there are other ways that you can obtain a Canadian visa and immigrate to Canada. You can immigrate to Canada by obtaining a student visa and further your education, you can also apply for a caregiver visa program and work as a caregiver in Canada. I’ve also revealed all that you need to know about the Canada visa lottery program, please do check it out.