Lately, there have been a lot of people asking questions on my page about how they can qualify for the Canada visa lottery. Every single day I get asked questions like “how can I apply for a Canada visa lottery?” “what are the necessary requirement for me to qualify for the Canadian immigration lottery?” and so on.

Lots of people fall for shady scams out there because there are lots of offers out there promising to help you get Canada visa lottery. So I’ve decided to answer all questions regarding the Canada immigration lottery, in this post ill be pointing out all that you need to know.

What Is Visa Lottery Program?

The visa lottery program is a program that was first started in the united states, it was established by the immigration act of 1990. This program was set up to help bring individuals from different countries into the united states.

Here’s how the visa lottery program works; applicants are selected randomly using a computer. Those who were selected are screen through and interview process and if you are among the lucky ones who pass the interview, you will be awarded a visa to that country. And upon arrival, you will get a green card as well.

Can I Apply For Canada Visa Lottery?

According to the official Canada visa website, there is currently no visa lottery program ongoing. That means there is also no platform offering visa lottery at the moment please disregard any information telling you otherwise. There is currently no portal for Canadian immigration lottery so, if by chance Situation Changes, We Will Keep You Updated.

How To Stay Safe And Avoid Swindler When Applying For Canada Visa

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that is no Canada visa lottery program out there. If you have any questions regarding legal immigration please refer them to official institutions or their website. You can also hire an immigration lawyer and always pick out reputable firms that are well known and have been around for a really long time with positive reviews on the internet.

If by any chance you encounter a website that is promising to provide you with Canada immigration lottery kindly leave that website or better still report the website to the search engine you are using, this way more people won’t get scammed.

You Can Immigrate To Canada Without Visa Lottery

There are other ways you can still migrate to Canada besides searching for the Canada visa lottery. According to research, there are over 300,000 foreigners immigrating to Canada yearly, so its easier for you to immigrate to Canada and become a temporary or permanent citizen of Canada. Also, with a job offer from a Canadian company, it is easy to become a permanent residence in Canada.

There are different ways you can obtain a Canadian visa; you can always apply for jobs from aside from Canada and then qualify for Canada work visa. You can also apply for a student visa if you wish to study in Canada.

Are There Other Immigration Visa Programs I Can Apply For?

Yes, there are lots of categories when it comes to Canada immigration visa programs. You can apply for anyone you want it all depends on your own personal reason as to why you want to immigrate to Canada.

Here is a list of other types of Canada visa programs that you can easily apply for;

  • Students Canadian visa
  • Skilled workers Canadian visa
  • Tourist Canadian visa
  • Spouse Canadian visa
  • Pilgrimage Canadian visa
  • Transit Canadian visa
  • Business Canadian visa

You can always check out this guide on Canada immigration visa programs.

Warp Up

There is currently no portal available that is providing individuals with Canada visa lottery, so please disregard any information telling you otherwise. If there’s any question you’ve got regarding the Canada visa lottery program, feel free to ask in the comment below.