Acquiring a Canada student visa is one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada. Majority of international student loves to study in Canada and this is because till date Canada holds a great record of having the best institutions in the world. However, in other to study in Canada you must have acquired a study permit as this is your license to study effectively in Canada.

How Do I Get A Canada Study Permit?

To apply for Canada study permit, simply visit the official citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) website. If you are running a program or a course that will last for more than six months, then it’s really important you get the study permit. But if your program is lasting less than six months, then there is really no need for you to acquire a study permit.

One important reason for acquiring the study permit is that as a full-time student, it gives you the privilege to work part-time on campus and also work-off campus. With the study permit, it easier for you to apply for permanent residents in Canada and settle thereafter you’ve graduated.

Once you’ve acquired your study permit, the next step is to know what is required of you to obtain a Canada student visa and the right steps to follow.


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Requirements To Apply For Canada Student Visa

once you’ve acquired your study permit, the next step to apply for a Canada student visa. I will outline the processes and requirements that you will need to follow step by step in order to acquire a student visa.

Step 1: you need to acquire an acceptance letter from the institution of your choice in Canada. Beforehand you must have applied for admission in an accredited educational institution and they must have processed your request and offered you admission. Once you’ve received your admission letter, then its time to move to the next step.

Step 2: you need to pay your tuition fee to the institution in Canada that offered you admission. Once you’ve completed this payment, a receipt will be sent to you. This receipt is an important requirement for you to obtain your Canada student visa.

Step 3: you have to purchase the Guarantee investment certificate (GIC). The Guarantee investment certificate (GIC) usually costs $10,000 CAD. This certificate proofs that you can be able to support yourself financially during your stay in Canada.

You really don’t have to worry as $2,000 CAD will be given to you upon your arrival in Canada and the remaining #8,000 CAD will be paid within 12 months installments depending on your expenditure. Ensure to get evidence of GIC payment as this is an important requirement for Canada student visa.

Step 4: you need to undergo medicals through a medical doctor approved by the Canadian government. There is a list for approved doctors on the CIC website do check it out. Ensure to collect a receipt certifying that you’ve undergone the proper medical checkup. This is also a very important requirement as your student visa will state that you’re in good health.

Step 5: you will be required to present your visa application form

Step 6: you will need to provide a valid passport and also a photocopy of your biometric data

Step 7: you will need to provide family information form

Step 8: use of representative form (IMM 5476) Is needed

Step 9: you will need to present a proof of English proficiency test

Step 10: you will need to provide other academic documents that will be requested of you, also you will need to answer a few student questionnaires. Not to worry they are just regular questions every student should know.

Warp Up

Once you’ve got all the necessary documents and procedures listed above then you can apply for your Canada student visa, it shouldn’t b too hard to get approved. There is any difficulty encountered during the process of applying for student visa, kindly let us know in the comments below and we will see how we can help.

Finally, its really important you hire an ICCRC authorized agent that will help you speed up your application processes.